Welcome to My New Hospitality Industry Blog

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I’ve always loved that quote. Well, I actually like most quotes from Oscar Wilde.

This blog will be a fun, insightful, and hopefully meaningful experience for anyone who either works in this crazy, topsy turvy industry, or just enjoys the food scene in general. We’ll discuss topics and trends of the day, as well as industry hints and insights.

So why the title? Well, first of all, I’m a sucker for an old corny joke.

What is that fly doing in my soup?
A: The back stroke, I believe.

This joke was coined in 1872, so it’s definitely old. And many punchlines have developed over the years:
“I’m not surprised it’s there sir, our chef used to be a tailor.”
“So you didn’t order the Chef’s Surprise Soup sir?”
“How unfortunate that he’s there, now the chef has no meat to put in your entree.”

OK, corny. So why did I pick that title? Easy, it conveys many aspects of life in the hospitality business:

1. Handling problems that can occur at anytime
2. Customer Service
3. Sanitation Issues
4. An Establishment’s Reputation
5. Pest Control
6. Soft Skills Training
7. Maintaining and developing Systems and Procedures

We’ll deal with many of the “pests” in this industry. From both the guests* and the managers perspective. And we’ll also focus on the more fun aspects as well: Food Trends, Wine, Beer, Liquors, and Cocktails. Oh, and Bourbon, I love talking about bourbon.

So stay tuned for future posts. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I will enjoy writing it.



*I always refer to customers as “guests.” This was drilled into me years ago. It’s a good practice. It helps maintain that they are human. Sometimes staff forget that.

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